Latest news about the WIN10 Creator Update:


Latest news about the WIN10 Creator Update:

We have had a number of reports pop up over the last week or so about the newly released WIN10 Fall Creators update. In addition to this, the earlier WIN10 Creators update has also been noted as causing a wide range of issues across all sorts of software.

We have prepared a roundup of the issues associated with the updates which will assists you if are looking at rolling out the update inside your organisation:

– Autodesk software does not start after installing the update:


This is due to an issue with the Microsoft .NET Framework as addressed in the following:  “COMException” error from WPF applications after the .NET Framework 4.7 is installed on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2


Do one or more of the following:


For installation problems with Autodesk products after having the Creators Update installed, modify the installer setup to exclude .NET:

  1.  On Windows 10, you will have to uninstall the entire Windows update, including the 4.7 .NET Framework
  2. Reinstall .NET Framework 4.7 or the latest update (depending on the OS) through Windows Update Center or on Microsoft’s website
  3. Temporarily disable touch and stylus support for your WPF applicationsfor Windows 7
  4. Then, launch your Autodesk product – run as Administrator on the first run.

For more details see here – https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/installation-licensing/windows-7-8-1-10-updates-microsoft-net-framework-4-7/td-p/7183204

– The Creator Update may force you to install newer Quadro drivers. These drivers will not be the same release as the ones certified by Autodesk. This may be fine but in some cases, there may be graphics issues after the update. Symptoms include graphcs glitches, Revit crashes and dialogue boxes disappearing upon creation (off screen compositing):

  1. The optimum solution is to go into the Deivce Installation Settings and set it so that there are no hardware device updates installed automatically by Windows as part of system updates:


WIN10 Creator Fall Update:

– There is a known issue for users that employ Webroot anti-virus which causes Revit to crash. Webroot has created a patch for the issue and the next major build will incorporate the fix.



This may not cover all of the issues at is only includes issues that have come to light to date. Enterprise level Anti-virus programs seem to affected by the changes that the update makes to the system folders. Most vendors will have hopefully tested their product against the new update but some  interactions may crop up that are missed in their testing.



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