A360 Collaboration for Revit webinar

Cadgroup has just completed a Webinar on A360 Collaboration for Revit  (C4R) which will be posted soon on our Youtube channel.

C4R is a technology that is set to change the way that people collaborate in real time on Revit project across the globe.

Mark and Justin did a live demonstration from the Brisbane and Melbourne offices to show how you can quickly upload a project file and then collaborate on it over a large distance. There was also a discussion of the communication and real-time meeting and mark-up tools bundled with C4R.

This rapidly developing technology looks set to form an integral part of the way that multi-national practices will work in the future.

We invite anyone who is interested in the technology to contact us for more information.

The Youtube link is here: C4R webinar on the Cadgroup Youtube channel.




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