Autodesk Construction Cloud for Factory Owners

The Unseen Challenges of Factory Owners

Internal & external data silos and difficult collaboration leading to lengthy schedule on projects & delays.

Drawings stored on local servers.

Project information siloed, disconnected, and outdated. Data silos between production and facility teams. Non-current models and as-builts, poor data collection from the plant floor.

Unconnected data or data not available, being in the dark. Data lost during handover from Design & Construction to operations. Poor document management & control across production, facility, and operations.

Manufacturer’s need accurate, up-to-date information about their factories to ensure their production lines keep running and creating products.

Autodesk Construction Cloud gives manufacturers a cloud-based solution that keeps factory information current to give all stakeholders access to up-to-date drawings and documents, accelerate project schedules, and address facility needs before they become problems.

How Autodesk Construction Cloud Empowers Factory Owners?

Improve Portfolio Performance & Development

  • Faster completion time, reduce lifecycle costs, increase insights data, improve capital planning, reduce claims or litigation, increase revenue, reduce contingency budgets.

  • Improve cost predictability and forecast accuracy, reduce defects at handover, improve collaboration and schedule.

Enhance Data Ownership & Visibility

  • Prevent loss of data and accelerate project completion time.

  • Improve team collaboration by accessing necessary data quickly to complete work faster and easily track issues, complete RFIs and update project drawings from the field.  

Drive Operational Efficiency and Accelerate Time to Market

  • Optimize factory design, asset life expectancy, minimize downtime, reduce running costs.

  • Increase production line uptime, reduce unplanned downtime impact.

  • Reduce Project delays and increase revenue by accelerating projects.

  • Transparency of project documents and plan data between all key stakeholders.

Health, Safety & Sustainability

  • Meet regulatory requirements.

  • Prevent loss of project data.

  • Reduce environmental impact.

  • Improve security.

  • Optimize material and energy usage.

Whether it’s the production team, the facilities team, or an outside contractor, Autodesk Construction Cloud connects all stakeholders in the factory with a simple solution to keep project data connected, current and accessible from anywhere.

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