Advance Steel Welds – how to stop it ALWAYS being double

Background Information

When you place a weld in Advance Steel you have options for whether it is a single weld, or a double weld. However, it defaults to a Double Weld. I want a single weld… how do I fix it? Well that is what we are going to explore in this blog post, and we will resolve any issues along the way.

So, when you place welds in the design a Double Weld is shown as below. Notice that there are two red crosses:

01 Double Weld

A Single Weld is shown as a single red cross:

02 Single Weld

We control the settings for a double weld on the Weld Double tab.


We control the settings for a single weld on the Weld Main tab.

05 Single Weld Controlled from Main

Nothing too complicated so far. But I have been asked the following questions a number of times now so I thought it worthy of a blog post.  “If I have set the weld size to 6, why is it always showing as 10 on my detail drawing, and why is it double?” So I hope the following explanation helps to resolve these issues.

The diagram below shows the  detail drawing of some welded components. The two triangles of the weld symbol obviously indicate that this is a double weld. It is at this stage that people start to realise that the weld hasn’t been placed how they wanted it. My customers who have complained about this wanted a Single 6mm Fillet Weld.


The weld size is normally shown to the left of the triangles. So what is the 10 for? Can I clarify by explaining that because this is a double weld, we set the distance from upper for the double weld. That is what is showing here. It isn’t the weld size!

So why isn’t the weld size showing then? Good question. I’m glad you asked. The default weld size that I defined in Advance Steel was 6mm. The weld I actually placed is 6mm. So we don’t show the size when it is the default. Instead we put a note somewhere on the drawing saying “All welds to be 6mm Unless Otherwise Noted.”

But again, I didn’t want a double weld. I wanted a single weld. I wanted it to look like the detail below:

06 Single Triangle on detail for a single weld

I set Single Weld Settings but it shows as a double

Now that we have explored the background information we are now ready to make our weld a Single weld. So you have set the weld settings as I have shown in screen grabs above, but it still shows a double cross. What is going wrong?

It’s because the weld settings for Weld Double are still set. To fix that you need to change the Double weld type to None. When you do that it will only use the single weld settings from the Weld Main tab. It will ignore the remaining settings on the Weld Double Tab. See the top value on this screen grab is set correctly now.

07 Double Weld set to None

Oh no! Weld Main is set to none for All New Welds

So you carefully set your Weld main to be a 6mm Fillet weld, and you set the Double Weld type to none. What a disaster that turned out to be! Now every new weld you place is the opposite of what you setup. It is always set to a Double weld, and Weld Main is set to none. What is going wrong now?


How get Advance Steel to default to a Single Weld

There is no library setting that you can save for welds. So it is not as easy as many of the other Advance Steel dialogs to adjust. So how do I set it so that a single weld is the default?

Go to Management Tools > Defaults > Connecting elements > Welds. Switching the last two settings around will fix the problem.

This is the original setup:

08 What management tools is set to by default

This is what it should be:

09 What management tools should be set to

NOTE: For some reason I had to restart Advance Steel to get this setting to apply. The Update Defaults button didn’t work. However, once that step is completed it is all working well. I can place in my single welds.

06 Single Triangle on detail for a single weld

I hope that was helpful.


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