Drive Innovation with Automation

Expectations to innovate keep getting higher. Discover how AEC leaders stay ahead with AI and automation technologies.

Challenges don’t get bigger than this
The world demands new ways of living, working, designing, and making. Discover the trends and technology driving sustainability in AEC.

Automation as a key enabler of innovation

In an innovate-or-die era, automation is good for business and the bottom line

Artificial intelligence, digital twins, and generative design are becoming must-haves, whether you’re building a scooter or a skyscraper. See how industry leaders are using advanced technology to meet the pressures of today—and tomorrow.

“Research finds organizations that adopt a tech-driven
innovation strategy grow 2.6x faster than those that don’t.”

Key benefits of innovative tools and strategies

Improve design quality

Break through the limitations of traditional practices with AI and tools such as digital twins and generative design. Unleash worker creativity, enable greater collaboration and cohesion, ultimately improving design quality.

Attract & retain top talent

Embrace the innovative tools that will help attract and retain top talent. Drive a culture that unites experienced teams with digital savvy talent to unlock their combined potential.

Explore new possibilities with AI and automation

New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services uncovers how AEC leaders are using advanced technologies like AI and automation to work better, faster, and smarter. From digital twins to generative design, these companies are seeing tangible ROI from their innovative strategies.

Embracing a culture of innovation

Using visual data to help optimize operations

A building’s operation and maintenance costs are approximately four times its construction cost. Tokyo’s Yasui Architects and Engineers’ BuildCAN BIM platform helps clients visualize building data to optimize operations and maintenance.

Innovation in industrialized construction with DfMA

Design for manufacturing assembly (DfMA) is revolutionizing industrialized construction. Learn how early adopter Bryden Wood uses it to dramatically reduce a project’s cost, time, complexity, uncertainty, and environmental impact.