Announcing Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit

Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit (C4R) has been officially released in Australia – for testing purposes.

This exciting new technology allows Revit users to collaborate on a worksets (multi-user) file almost anywhere that an internet connection is available via a optimised cloud based service.

Apart from this killer feature, there are a number of integrated  technologies such as a project specific messenger system that allows for speedy communication between physically remote team members.

Syncing your work to the Central file is highly optimised through a vectoring system that compares your changed file to the Central file and only uploads the changes.


CAD and BIM Managers will be happy to hear that the system is very robust with a seamless experience for the end-user and a huge amount of backups that are stored on the cloud server that can be reverted back to if needed.

Project administrators can quickly grant access to users inside their organisation and to external consultants.




a360 image1

At this point in time Amazon Cloud servers are still based in the U.S. so whilst the service is fully functional in Australia, our initial testing does suggest that performance may be slower than desirable. Needless to say, we are testing C4R internally.

We will be hosting a webinar soon in which we will highlight the features of the technology and report our findings based on the testing that we have done in collaboration with our customers.

Title: Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit –  Project Collaboration Finally Comes of Age!
Date: Monday, 22 February 2016 1-2pm AEDT





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