Autodesk 2018 products – the rollout commences

Autodesk 2018 products are on their way.

2018 products have already started to be rolled out and will continue to be released over the next few weeks. Products in Suites will be the most likely to be released last and everything should be available by the end of April or early May though there is no official confirmation from Autodesk on dates.

Some products such as AutoCAD for MAC run on a different schedule of course so they won’t be updated in the same period.

Navisworks and AutoCAD were the first products off the block and as you can see, you can already download the trial when you search for it on the Autodesk website:


How to get the software:

The best place to get the software is of course in your account center and if you have the Autodesk Desktop App installed on your computer, you should also see notifications when you open the program to check on updates to your Autodesk software. Downloading the installers once and placing them on a central location on your server for others to access is an efficient way to roll out the new software.


Operating System requirements

On another important note, Autodesk has released most of the “system requirement” webpages for 2018 products. It is highly recommended that you have a look on the Autodesk website to familiarise yourself with the operating system that your product will need if you want to roll out the 2018 version. One random pick, Autocad Mechanical, reveals that it requires a 64 bit version of WIN10 to install where-as the 2017 version was compatible with WIN10 but it did not exclusively require a 64bit operating system version!

In short, in order to tap into the available processing power, Autodesk is starting to design their software to run in 64bit operating systems.

Pick your product here.  – All Autodesk system requirements

If it is not in the initial list then click on the “Show all products” text.


Find system requirements for your Autodesk software.

New computers purchases:

If you are thinking about or are in the process of buying a PC or laptop, check with the vendor to make sure it has a 64 bit version of the operating system installed on it. Enterprise level vendors (HP for example) that sell machines that are specifically certified to run Autodesk products will have the appropriate operating system.




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