Autodesk 2020 software is rolling out! A really, really brief overview of some highlights

Autodesk has been rolling out the 2020 versions of software over the last few weeks and there are still some set to be released in the next short while. The  majority of remaining 2020 versions should be available within the next few weeks. I’ve made a super-brief over view of come of the new software just to give you a taster 😉

Autocad 2020 (and Autocad 2020 based software):

Some major highlights include Enhanced Drawing Compare and new Block Palette.

Drawing Compare Tool

As the name suggests, Drawing Compare allows you to graphically show elements in 2 drawings that have been added, removed or had their drawing order changed (to highlight things that may now be obscured by other elements in a CAD drawing:

Enhanced Block Palette

The new Block Palette creates visual representations of Blocks that are currently in the open drawing as well as ones in other open drawings (tabs). You can also quickly add your own Blocks into the Palette to create a personalised library of Blocks:


Revit 2020:

Insert PDF

Just 2 of the big features are the ability to add a PDF into a View and then snap to elements in it (if it contains Vectoral data):

ARC Walls and Switch Wall Type

Revit now has the ability to create ARC shaped walls. All Walls can be switched from basic walls to curtain walls if required.

Revit has also continued in its improvements in the Structural Steel, Rebar and Fabrication (MEP) side of things.



Inventor 2020:

Command UI and Productivity Enhancements

Starting with the Measure Command in Inventor 2018, and the Hole Command in Inventor 2019, additional commands are refreshed with a new property panel UI that includes functionality and workflow improvements. Inventor 2020 extends the property panel UI to the Extrude, Revolve, Sweep and Thread commands to enhance functionality and increase productivity.

Design Enhancements

Inventor 2020 continues to deliver new functionality to core design commands and workflows. Enhancements are made to sketching and Content Center to improve overall productivity.

Sweep is improved by adding Solid Sweep functionality for removing and adding swept geometry by sweeping a 3D tool body.

Unwrap Feature

The new Unwrap command is introduced to allow you to get a flat surface from any set of continuous faces. Unwrap lets you flatten nearly any shape into a surface that can be saved or exported in different formats.


I’ve kept this overview very general and brief but I hope it’s piqued your curiosity.

Please note that new software can be found in the Autodesk Account Center or by looking inside the Autodesk Application Manager. If you are working in a practice that has a central CAD/BIM/IT Manager then please consult with them prior to downloading and installing! Network / Multi-user software will require an update to the LMTools software and a new license (“.lic”) file to get the new software going.


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