Improve cost control, gain real-time visibility of cost-related risks, and forecast accurately by centralizing all cost management activities in the cloud and within the context of the construction project.

What can you do with Autodesk Build?

Improve Cost Control

Accurately Forecast Risk

Streamline Cost Workflows

Configure Cost Features

Accounting and Operations Integration

Synchronize critical financial data between accounting and operations by integrating Autodesk Build and your accounting systems.
With a connected cloud-based cost management system, manual and duplicate data entry is eliminated, risk of liability issues is reduced, and processes become streamlined.

Connected construction cost workflows reduce data loss and increase access to critical information.

Create a PCO from a RFI

Create a Potential Change Order directly from an RFI, reducing data entry and capturing the origin of change orders.

Link Cost Items in Meetings

Link change orders directly to meeting items to improve the visibility and accessibility of critical construction cost information.

Access Cost Information

Role-based permission settings let you control how owners and suppliers view cost management items.

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