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Autodesk is the favoured software toolkit for inventors and designers. A 3D modelling design software, it allows the production of accurate 2D and 3D models across a range of industries and designs, such as automotive production, technology, architecture and filmmaking. With Autodesk Inventor training under your belt you will be much better equipped to carry out your designs and ideas. We offer Autodesk certification programs in a range of Australian cities, as well as AutoCAD courses, Bluebeam training, and a range of other courses.

What are the uses of Autodesk Inventor?

Autodesk is a 3D modelling software that allows designers and inventors to create 2D and 3D models of their designs. From designing, visualising and simulating your designs, you and the people you work with will have a greater understanding of your designs before they are brought to life.

Autodesk not only allows you to visualise your designs, but it allows you to accurately stress-test them. This means that if you’re designing a car for off-roading, you can simulate stress from rough terrain on the car to accurately pick up on high-stress areas, and vibrations. This way, possible faults in the design can be fixed, and materials, size, weight, and engine size can be optimised before the car leaves your computer. Not only does this save a lot of money and time, but it allows for a future of smarter product design.

Who uses Autodesk?

Anyone designing and manufacturing electrical and mechanical products, industrial equipment, automotive, civil and structural designs, architecture, graphic design and fashion design. From simple part designs to complex machinery, the uses of Autodesk are many. It is a multitool that can be used in most industries, if put in skilled hands.

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