Autodesk Inventor 2016 What’s New (Post 2 of 4)

This is my second post in the series of four posts I am creating to talk about the enhancements in Inventor 2016. To view my first post, please use the following link:

Inventor 2016: Is this the best Inventor release ever, I say YES!!!

Assembly Enhancements

The following are some of the enhancements in the Assembly environment of Inventor 2016:

1. Large Assembly Enhancement: As evident in last couple releases, Autodesk has been putting a lot of effort in improving large assembly performance. In continuing their effort, they have added a new option in Inventor 2016 inApplication Options > Display Tab called Disable Automatic Refinement. If this option is ticked, the curved faces in the large assembly models will appear faceted, as shown below. But this will further improve the user experience of working with large assemblies.

2. Drag a Crossing or a Window to Select Components while Checking for Interference: In the past, I recommended selecting multiple components from the browser tree because we could not select multiple components together from the graphics window. So this is a good time saving enhancement.

Zoom to Interfering Area: If you found any interference in your assembly using the Analyze Interference tool, you can now zoom to the interfering area by simply double-clicking on that interference in the Interference Detected dialog box. Clicking Reset in the dialog box restores the original view.

3. Replace Multiple Selected Components: This is an interesting new feature that allows you to select multiple similar or dissimilar components and you can replace them in one go. I can see myself using it to replace multiple types of fasteners with one single type.

4. Assembly Pattern Allows Midplane Pattern: Extending this feature from the part modeling environment, now while creating disassociated assembly patterns, you will be able to pattern components midplane.

5. Action Multiple Sick Relationships Together: This is a nice to have feature that allows you to delete or suppress multiple sick relationships together rather than selecting them one at a time.

More enhancements available on the What’s New page of Inventor 2016

Presentation Enhancements

This environment is totally revamped and is now extremely intuitive to work with. The following are some of the enhancements in this environment:

1. Create Presentation View Enhancements: While creating the presentation view, the Auto Explode option is now enhanced quite a bit to include first level components to be auto-exploded or all levels. Also, you now have better control over how the trails are created on the components.

2. Auto Explode Tool: If you forgot to automatically explode components while creating the presentation view, you can now use the Auto Explode tool to automatically explode components after creating the view. There is a little trick though. You will have to expand the Explosion in the browser tree and select the assembly for this tool button to become active. Otherwise, it will be greyed out.

3. Dynamic Preview in Auto Explode: The Auto Explode dialog box has the Preview button that allows you to preview the explosion before you accept the values. You can change the level of explode, the trail settings, and the explode distance, again a really handy option.

4. Tweak Sequences Created for Auto Explode: Another nice enhancement that I saw was the tweak sequences are created for the automatic explode as well. So if need be, you can go to the sequences and modify them.

5. Tweak Components is a Mini Manipulation Toolbar: So no more dialog box. Everything is live displayed on the screen and all the selection and manipulation for tweaking components is done using the mini manipulation toolbar. Definitely a better way to work.

6. Dynamic Previewing and Editing of Tweaks: This feature is so cool. We can now dynamically preview the tweaks and edit them on the screen, making it a whole lot easier to try a few values before finalizing. Also, the Back to last tweak button (read as Undo button) is a really handy to cancel the current tweak.

7. Adding or Deleting Trails during Manual Tweaks: Hallelujah for this feature. Long time coming. So now, while adding manual tweaks using the Tweak Mini Manipulation toolbar, you have options to select additional edges to add trails. Basically, used when you want to add trails to all multiple hole centers while exploding a subassembly.

More enhancements available on the What’s New page of Inventor 2016

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