Autodesk LIVE: Real time rendering for Revit.





Autodesk recently announced the release of a new technology called Autodesk LIVE which is based on their recently acquired Stingray technology. Simply put, this technology allows you to present your Revit model to anyone in real time on your PC or on your Ipad via the LIVE Viewer app.

The render model is stored on the cloud so that it can be accessed wherever you happen to be. Needless to say it has caught the attention of the design world and the industry press due to the ability for anyone to access the model without special software or hardware.

We have been doing a bit of trailing of the technology. Given the nature of differences between a PC environment and an IPad, there are of course differences in the quality of the presentation on the two platforms with the IPad version being optimised for speed of download and the graphic capabilities.

The PC version of the LIVE Viewer offers a greater quality though this can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the user and the hardware capabilities of the hardware.

start_-_upload_a_file live_step1 LIve_viewer_screen_3

Interestingly our foray in using the LIVE Viewer with a laptop equipped with a Quadro card saw the laptop run quite hot . This issue is alleviated on a desktop setup simply because there is a greater amount of power on tap and just as importantly, a greater cooling capability.

On a PC equipped with a gaming card, the performance has the potential to be bit faster simply because the graphics engine in Live Viewer is an adaptation of a gaming engine. Still though, with any newer system equipped with a Quadro card, you should be able to get decent, dependable performance.

For a free 10 day trial, head over to http://www.autodesk.com/products/live/free-trial, enter your email and download the PC package. The installer adds an add-in to Revit and RevitLT as well as a LIVE Viewer editor to prepare the model if needed.

The Ipad version can be found in the Apple App’ Store – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/autodesk-live-viewer/id1123145477?ls=1&mt=8

We would highly recommend that anyone who is interesting in the technology take the short time required to download and install the trial. Have fun!





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