Autodesk Vault is not just for MFG…

There is this strange concept that Autodesk Vault is for manufacturing only, this is not true.

Lets look at Civil Engineering and ask some basic questions.

Q- Are there road blocks with regards to collaboration in your Civil or Infrastructure projects?

When your dealing with large projects and large masses of data, it is highly beneficial to have all of this data in one place and managed by a system which can clearly identify the latest version.

Q- How does your business currently manage it project data?

Most organisations, if not using a data management software, use some sort of shared folder structure, this leads to difficult communication between groups which do not share the same office. Just the time spent in searching for files can cost your organisation a lot of money.

Q- What is important to you when it comes to managing your data?

To manage such a large mass of date on a shared file server can be extremely challenging. Files will become hard to manage, project managers will find it difficulty to manage there data and make sure everything is done on time and in the right way.

File security, it is not acceptable to have the wrong people accessing unreleased or unapproved drawings if they do not need them.

Reporting, with the data being spread across so many different folders and on people local workstations, getting the latest data to run an accurate report would be almost impossible.

Lifecycle Management, i would personally say it is essential to have a system that can intelligently manage a files lifecycle and also be flexible enough that if circumstances change exceptions can be made.

Collaboration, you need direct link to engineers/Project managers/contractors/external partners out in the field.Cloud collaboration has come along way in recent years, your data needs to be securely managed and easily accessed by the right team members.

What can do all of this and more..

Autodesk Vault can, with its highly configurable lifecycle engine, Cloud collaboration with the Web client,  Autodesk Buzzsaw and PLM360, advanced reporting tools, file and folder security.

Regardless of your engineering field, Manufacturing, Civil, Infrastructure.   Autodesk Vault can effectively manage your data.

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