Bluebeam Courses

Save Time And Communicate Better With Bluebeam Training Courses Around Australia

Bluebeam has revolutionised project documentation and plan-sharing in modern construction. We offer Bluebeam training courses in several Australian cities, such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Our efficient training course will teach you how to best utilise Bluebeam for your projects and will see you make the move towards a paperless and more efficient work environment.

What does Bluebeam do?

Bluebeam is a PDF program that allows for the easy conversion of 2D and 3D drawings from nearly all BIM and CAD software into easy-share PDFs. With cloud properties and real-time document updates, it allows for a much easier, quicker and safer distribution of documents. Send out your models, sketches, blueprints, and designs to allow your whole construction and design teams to evaluate models as they are being made to allow estimations, mark-ups, and other input to be shared in real time.

Bluebeam stores all changes and additions made to the PDF and allows for easy-search solutions which offers greater ease of use and project accountability.

Who uses Bluebeam?

Bluebeam is used by construction teams worldwide. It’s a valuable tool for effective communication between engineers, owners, site managers, architects, defect inspectors, CW drivers, and anyone else working in design, construction, or manufacturing teams.

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