Cadgroup announces 2018 versions of Revit.XT & Civil3D.XT!

Revit.XT 2018 is here!

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2018 build of Revit.XT for Revit and Civil3D.XT for Civil3d 2018. These builds as always contain the current version and previous versions – 2017, 2016, 2015 and (as a bonus) 2014.

The XT products are a subscription only benefit for Cadgroup customers. For those of you who have not taken advantage of this free and amazing set of tools for Revit and Civil3D, please contact your account manager to arrange a serial number and a download.

Focus on Revit.XT:

Apart from ensuring compatability with the 2018 version of Revit, the new build of Revit.XT incorporates several some new features that further enhance your productivity and ability to manipulate and interrogate the Revit model:


  • A new “bubble” tool that allows you to quickly turn Grid bubbles or Level Marker off or on in a View. This is a little tweak but it can speed up the process of turning multiple markers or bubble on or off in a view:



  • The BIM Content tool (in the BIM Manager section of Revit.XT) now handles nested folders i.e. it will pick up all content inside the designated folder and any subfolders when importing Families.


The new build incorporates these new features as well as any fixes to issues identified


The new links to Revit.XT 2018 and Civil3d.XT can be found here –

Please download Cadgroup’s Revit.XT from:                                               Revit.XT 2018

Please download Cadgroup’s Civil.XT from:                                               Civil3D.XT 2018

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