Cadgroup Now Providing 3D Printing Solutions

Cadgroup Australia is pleased to announce that we can now provide customers with 3D printing technology and solutions. With the growth of additive manufacturing and 3D printing continuing to revolutionise the way things are being made, Cadgroup now has the ability to meet our customer’s 3D printing needs.

Creatbox 3D Printer Range             Mankati 3D Printer Full Scale XT         Moment 3D Printer

Cadgroup carries a range of 3D printers, including models from brands such as Creatbot, Mankati and Moment.  This range of printers can be read in more detail below.

For a closer look at a sample of our range for Creatbot, Mankati and Moment PDF click here.

For in-depth information on the Creatbot range PDF click here.

For more information, contact us to provide your business with a 3D Printing solution to match both your company’s budget and printing requirements.

Kurt Jones  – Product Manager Manufacturing
Phone: 1300 765 654
Email: kjones@cadgroup.com.au

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