Citrix Support Anyone?

Citrix Support Anyone?

The Autodesk Vault lab has been working overtime of late preparing our latest user focussed enhancement, the long awaited Citrix Support confirmation (insert applause). Based on the current Vault 2015 product line the information below provides background details on what Citrix support entails, outlines requirements and provide some basic setup instructions.

Using Vault with Citrix XenApp

Autodesk Vault Basic, Workgroup and Professional 2015 are Citrix Ready certified. This document describes how to setup Vault software to run on Citrix XenApp 6.5. This document does not include any details on licensing issues, nor is it meant to be a comprehensive guide to running Autodesk Vault in a XenApp environment.

How does XenApp work?

At a basic level, Citrix® XenApp® is a software application that allows a company’s IT or CAD Manager to provide access to business applications, such as Vault and other Autodesk programs, to their employees from a server in a secure virtual environment. These applications are “published” for use by the company’s staff who can access them through an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Multiple users can access the same desktop or application simultaneously (provided that the application is capable of running multiple sessions side by side). Graphics are streamed to the user’s desktop, and the user’s mouse and keyboard input is streamed back to the server

Source – Under the Hood

– See more at: Under the Hood

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