Autodesk software portfolio caters to the overall market segments in the Civil Infrastructure sector. 

Outlined below are some of the key elements that would help you streamline design processes to maximise your return on investment in each industry segment

Land Development

Streamline projects and evaluate multiple what-if scenarios with land development software tools, so you can more easily weigh environmental constraints, aesthetic concerns and construction costs. Enrich the design process using visualisation and simulation tools that give you a better understanding of a site.


Access, integrate and analyse information to generate preliminary layouts of railway system corridors and railway project visualisations. Determine the optimal location for railway systems in the context of the existing environment, design rail stations and create platform components that follow the geometry of the track perfectly.

Roads & Highways

Use road design software to evaluate existing conditions and generate data-rich proposals. Design and document with intelligent model-based solutions. Plan construction virtually to help identify conflicts early. Manage information by standardising the as-built data collection process with configurable industry models.

Cadgroup has made notable investments in to expanding the civil engineering service offering. Our main focus is to ensure that our customers in the civil engineering sector are well supported in their design process. It is fundamental for Cadgroups service offering that we help customers stay co-ordinated and explore design options, analyse project performance and deliver more consistent, higher-quality documentation, all within the available Autodesk solutions.

Pressure pipe networks

AutoCAD Civil 3D includes modelling tools built for creating pressure pipe networks. Enhancements include profile-based layout and 3D compass for layout

  • Add fitting and appurtenance content
  • Model pressure networks in both 2D and 3D
  • Use 3D pressure networks to check for interferences between components
  • Share pressure network models throughout the project with data shortcut support
  • Production enhancements include tables, section views and pay item/QTO support
  • Productivity enhancements include creation of networks from polylines, survey figures and alignments
Water & Wastewater

Access, integrate and analyse project information more holistically to increase productivity and gain more accurate, accessible and actionable insight throughout the lifecycle of your water and wastewater design projects. Deliver higher-quality design alternatives and facilitate stakeholder support.

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