Design Intuitively with Enscape 3.0

What’s New in Enscape 3.0?

The latest release of Enscape 3.0 enables you to design more intuitively. The UI has been overhauled to enhance the design process giving you a more natural way to create real-time renderings and immersive experiences. Other features such as Local Assets and Upload Management add to the enhanced design experience.

UI Overhaul
The design revamp gives you a better real-time rendering experience. The fresh look brings style consistency and a more intuitive way to navigate within and interact with the product.
Local Assets
Create a more authentic regional experience within your designs with the new Local Assets. Add buildings, vehicles, and vegetation (and more!) that are distinct to specific regions around the world.
If you are an existing Enscape user then you can download the latest installer from here: Download Enscape
You can download sample files to test Enscape from here: Enscape Samples
But if you want to cut to chase and see immediately what Enscape can you, I’d suggest you download a standalone Enscape Project. Note that these are quite big files and you’ll need a PC with a reasonable graphics card to view them smoothly: Escape Standalone Project
Have fun 😉

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