With automated extraction of gridded steel, enhanced automated pipe extraction, deeper Revit integration and a Plant 3D plug-in.

Pin point accuracy and control

EdgeWise  software from ClearEdge 3D offers a host of modelling features and tools that helps users quickly take point clouds and convert them to usable as built 3D models. In fact, it  is the most technologically advanced as-built modelling platform in the AEC industry, using automated feature extraction, pattern recognition technology, object recognition algorithms, and other state of the art technologies. Edgewise can reduce modelling time by up to 75%. The new ClearView point cloud visualization engine has the ability to show billions of points in a single scene. This photo realistic view of your project allows you to precisely verify the accuracy of your model and make adjustments with our suite of editing tools. EdgeWise has Full Integration with Revit and Plant 3D to allow Your Field-to-Finish Workflow.

Short list of capabilities:

  • Architectural modelling capabilities
  • Steel and Concrete modelling capabilities
  • Plant modelling capabilities
  • MEP modelling capabilities
  • New technology to automate the extraction of gridded steel and concrete structures—this will fundamentally change the way you model structure
  • Plant 3D plug-in that brings EdgeWise intelligent models directly into Plant 3D
  • Pipe extraction algorithms that virtually eliminate false positives
  • QA Tools to ensure accuracy of your model
  • Revit plugin allows walls, windows, doors, pipes, conduit and round ducting exported directly to Revit as the correct family objects
  • And much more!

"Revolutionizing Revit modeling from scan data like nothing else on the market!!"

Larry Kleinkemper, CEO, Lanmar Services