Enscape 2.8: Next-Level Design and Collaboration.

Enscape have been teasing users for a few weeks now, introducing a handful of new features and improvements with each preview version of Enscape 2.8.

They are thrilled to announce that from today, July 15, you can download the official version of Enscape 2.8.

The latest version of Enscape is packed with innovative new features and product enhancements that will help to take your designs to the next level and enable you to collaborate with your colleagues, clients and stakeholders like never before. Here is a short overview of some exciting features in the new build:

Collaborative Annotation

Collaborative Annotation in Enscape

At a time when the need for collaboration has never been so important, with Enscape’s new Collaborative Annotation feature, you can capture and document issues related to your 3D models.  

Whether it’s a question, clash observation, or RFI (request for information), issues can be created in Enscape 2.8, and together with any saved model views be added to your project. Simply click the “C” key on your keyboard to get started or create a new issue at a specific position by right-clicking any surface in Enscape and selecting “Create Issue”. 

What’s more Enscape is now fully-integrated with BIM Track, a world-leading cloud-based BIM communication platform. This provides you with a number of options when it comes to raising, tracking, and resolving issues, including the ability to view and resolve them in Revit and other BIM software.

Expect to see advances in this functionality over time.

Bim Track Issue Tracking With Enscape

For clients and stakeholders who also need to track the progress of certain issues, no modeling tool or Enscape license is required, making it easy to improve communication, collaboration, and transparency with external contributors.

With Collaborative Annotation, you can identify and resolve outstanding issues faster than ever, making it an essential component and valuable addition to your daily workflows.

To learn morecheck out the knowledge base article. You can also review the overview video at the bottom of this post and sign up for our Q&A webinar on July 30.

Animated Vegetation

400 new assets have been added to the Enscape asset library over the last few months, taking the total number of free, ready-to-use objects, people, and vegetation to over 1,900!

This includes 300 high-quality vegetational assets which can be inserted into your scenes to help bring a level of authenticity to your projects. And now, with version 2.8, you can select from a range of animated vegetation to really make things pop and come to life!

Animated grass

Being able to introduce movement to your landscaping elements through controlling the wind speed and direction, enables you to create more realistic animations and authentic walk-throughs. Viewers can better immerse themselves in a presentation as they see the leaves of a tree shimmer and the grass ripple thanks to the addition of animated vegetation.

Animated vegetation is viewable in walk-throughs, videosand virtual reality. Learn more in this blog post: New Enscape Assets: Healthcare, Animation and Wind!

Asset Package – Healthcare


Whether you’re designing a small clinic or a large hospital campus, you now have access to an incredible array of health-related assets in the form of doctors and nursesmedical equipment and furniture to help bring a level of realism to your presentations.

Hospital_Patient Room

Architects and designers can test and showcase room layouts and usability with life-like medical tools, equipment, and staff.

From operating equipment to surgical lamps and CT scanners, choose from a wide range of healthcare-related assets and introduce a new level of realism to your projects.

Language Support

As we continue our international expansion, Enscape, which is already available in English and German, is now available in French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

We’re excited to be able to support more users in their native language, helping professionals and students maximize their understanding and usage of Enscape and create photo-realistic renders and virtual reality experiences in real time.

Additional Features and Enhancements with Enscape 2.8: 

  • Carpet Material TypeCreate carpets using the keywords ‘long carpet’ or ‘short carpet’.
  • Strength Slider for Normal Maps: Adjust the intensity of your normal maps to get more depth into your materials.
  • BIM Mode: Search for geometry and highlight groups whilst in BIM Mode.
  • Improved performance and quality: Little tweaks here and there to help deliver an ever better Enscape experience!

I’ve added a video link below that gives an overview of the new features. Stay safe 😉


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