Enscape continues to impress with version 2.9

Enscape 2.9 is released:

Enscape 2.9 has just been rolled and it continues Enscape’s track record for continually impressing with new features. If you haven’t used the product and you’re intersted in creating compelling presentation of your design in Revit then please download the trial. Here is a very brief run down of the new stuff:


Displacement Maps:

Also referred to as Bump-Maps and Relief Maps, these are maps that give added realism to materials by giving them the illusion of depth. Masonry walls is a prime example of where adding a Relief Map increases realism dramatically:


Video Textures:

This is a new feature that has BIG possibilities. You can now add animations to monitors and signage. You can also experiment with simulated fire and other animated surface ideas

Asset Library:

The asset library continues to expand with really nice content that you can add into your projects. This version sees an expansion of the Fitness / Gym category.

On top of that, there is now provision to add your own content to your Asset Library:

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