Enscape Release 2.6 has been released.

20/09/2019 Enscape Release V2.6:

There is always a palpable sense of excitement and pride when the Enscape people release a new version of their visualisation software.

The reason is that they not only love what they do but they really strive to make the product better and better. And our customers agree as each new release brings new features and expands the capabilities of the product.

So let’s look at some of the highlights:

Lighting now creates reflections.

The render quality in Enscape has always been impressive but this has been cranked up a notch by now adding the reflection of light off reflective objects. The screenshot below shows what this might look like. And of course, artificial light sources will behave the same way. It brings about a higher level of immersion.

Lighting & Reflections: A New Dimension of Realism

Asset library:

The asset library has been expanded even further. This is a boon for anyone looking for realistic elements to add into their render.

Asset Library Expansion

Revamped settings:

This one is cool. When you setup a render in Enscape, it now allows you to save the settings inside the host file. So you don’t lose any settings that you’ve laboured to create.

Revamped Settings

Some other selected features are:

  • MSI installer (can be rolled out by I.T people across a large company)
  • Numerical input possible on settings sliders (more precision)
  • Revit: Multiple asset placement functions (easier placement of large numbers of assets)
  • Reduced memory usage by down-sampling larger textures (clever optimisation)
  • Rift S controllers now visible in virtual reality (expanded compatibility)
  • Improved sun shadows for renders (nice visual effect)
  • Full Revit 2020 support (yeah!)

Download it now if you own Enscape from here –  Enscape 2.6

If you haven’t tried Enscape then have a talk us to get hold of a demo version. You will be impressed !

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