Enscape releases 2.6.1- tap into the power of NVIDIA RTX

Since its inception, Enscape has been known for its precision and simplicity, delivering offline-rendered image quality at real-time speeds. With its latest version, 2.6.1, released on November 12 2019, Enscape is now one of the first rendering engines for architects to support NVIDIA’s revolutionary RTX technology, which sets the new standard for real-time rendering.

For Enscape, the advent of NVIDIA RTX  technology means for the first time we will be able to achieve physically accurate reflections and diffuse, indirect lighting. RTX will dramatically enhance the Enscape experience, bringing about even better performance, light transport and reflection quality.

NVIDIA RTX allows Enscape to build on our current foundation, making it possible to ray trace more geometry in a higher resolution, at exactly the same frame rate. RTX’s hardware acceleration provides us the ability to significantly speed up our lighting  and reflection calculations. The faster Enscape can calculate, the more accurate the reflections and indirect lighting will be. The way you use Enscape will not change; the results you get, however, have the possibility of being more realistic, with no extra effort on your part.

For those heading over to Autodesk University,  Enscape with be at booth #AE223 at AU Las Vegas, 19.-21. November.

Download version 2.6.1 here – Enscape 2.6.1

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