Fusion 360 available for Product Design Suite Customers

Autodesk have reintroduced Fusion for the product design suite customers. Anyone who was familiar with the Fusion product that was distributed in 2009 and was a companion to the Product Design Suite at the time Fusion was a direct modeller with no feature history and a standalone installation on your local system. Fast forward 6 years and Fusion has been completely rewritten to be a cloud based application (Cloud is a loosely based term as processes are shared between the local system and the cloud server) with a thin client installed on the local system on either windows or Mac. Fusion 360 is on a rapid development curve with new updates every 6-8 weeks. Fusion 360 comes with two offerings: Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Ultimate.

The good news for Product design suite customers is that Autodesk have included the Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Ultimate for Product Design Suite Subscription Customers. With PrDS Premium subscribers are receiving Fusion 360 and PrDS Ultimate receiving Fusion 360 Ultimate.

Feature Comparison Matrix for Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Ultimate:

Fusion 360 comes equipped with several environment Workspaces as follows:

The modelling tools are similar to the Inventor part modelling environment, using a multi body work flow to build components for assemblies. Components can be assembled through Joints and a Motion study performed on specific joints between components to create a sequence.

Fusion 360 includes an editable history “time line” at the bottom of the screen for edits on features.

The Sculpt environment brings in the Free form modelling tools T-Spline solids and surface.
Patch: The patch environment allows you to repair geometry. Give you tools to patch, stitch poor or surfaces. Again you will find familiar tools to Inventor.

A quick and easy setup for material textures, environments with Ray Tracing.

Sample rendering with Ray Tracing enabled.

Create storyboards, adjust and animate scene camera, Transform components, animated exploded views and control visibility and display a callout note.

2 ½ Axis for Fusion 360 and 3 Axis cam capability for Fusion 360 Ultimate. 2D and 3D operations, customizable tool library and a large post processor list. Add simulation capabilities of the machining process, the cam package is a great edition for anyone with 3 axis CNC equipment.

The drawing environment is only new to Fusion 360, it has the basic capabilities to document a design but is not comprehensive. There standard view creation,projection and section view. Also couple with standard dimensioning tools. Drawings can be output to dwg or PDF as well. Thee tools allow you to get a basic concept drawing across to customers.
Share designs online, invite users to your project to view, download and publish. All data related to the project is stored in the project folder using A360.

I was surprised by the modelling capability of fusion 360, with the addition of cam workspace opens new possibilities with tools for Product Design Suite Users. With an open mind you will find Fusion 360 has a lot of capability in modelling. A product to watch as it continually develops. Details are being finalized for customers to access PrDS subscription customers to access Fusion 360 and I will post an update.

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