Reimagined 3D CAD/CAM from the ground up - Autodesk® Fusion 360™ enables teams to work together within an integrated design, engineering and fabrication platform, virtually anywhere and on any device. 

Fusion 360

From concept through manufacturing, Autodesk® Fusion 360™ is a comprehensive product design tool. Start by rapidly iterating your design to arrive at the best design concept. Next, move into production engineering by easily utilizing your conceptual design to simulate performance under various conditions. Finally, prepare your design for fabrication by utilizing integrated 5 axis CAM or using the 3D printing utility for additive manufacturing. All in a single design without switching applications.

Flexible modelling environment - You can choose how you design. Fusion 360 includes flexible real time direct modelling as well as feature based parametric modelling. You decide what environment makes sense at that phase of the product design process. Fusion 360 includes: polygonal Sub-D, T-Splines, NURBS surface, Bezier curve surface, and CSG Primitives modelling.

Collaboration is key - Work by yourself or with others from one central project dashboard. Maintain control of who has access to view, comment, and edit on projects. Make design reviews a snap with the ability to view project data through a web browser allowing collaborators to participate even if they don’t have Fusion 360. Access projects from your mobile device to view designs, review with your team and post comments.

Integrated data management - Fusion 360 takes care of data management and version control so you don’t have to. Manage projects from one central dashboard allowing you to add CAD data as well other necessary data like PDF’s, documents, images and about anything else you will need for your project. Fusion 360 will automatically create and manage versions allowing you to review or roll back to an earlier state with ease. Easily find components embedded in complex designs and simplify design re-use with the integrated search engine. All of this without expensive implementation and maintenance cost.


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