Are you getting continual confirmation emails when you launch desktop rental software?

We have had a number of cases where Autodesk customers that have purchased “Desktop Subscription” license (Rental), receive an email every time you launch the program. This may continue even after the software has been successfully assigned to a user and been activated on the computer and it can be a source of annoyance.




If you are not on subscriptions with a reseller then contact Autodesk by logging a support case via the account center.  If you are on a support contract then you can contact your reseller to create the case on your behalf and this is something that we do as part of our  support to our customers are Cadgroup.

In either case, make sure that you mention the Autodesk Article 000088343. If you are sending an email then we would suggest using a subject header like this: “Desktop Rental – Activation emails being sent when product opens – referenced article 000088343”

This will take up to 24 hours to be resolved during week days.

If the emails are bothering you then rather than assigning it the status of “junk” in Outlook, we would suggest making a rule that filters out the words “activated” and the serial number from subject headers.

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