Global e-Training

Global e-Training

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What is Global e-Training?

Whether we are taking on a new member onboard for training or a new functional product has been updated with new features that require training, we all are learning day to day. Global -E training offers an expansive set of information and courses that can assist you and your team day to day in the AEC industry. With a support system behind your back Global E training has a few features to make studying simpler.

  • Company and project-specific training
  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and engagement
  • Simple to implement guided onboarding process
  • Increased adoption of BIM softwares and best practices
  • Attraction and retention of top industry talent
  • Increased environmental sustainability

Learn Faster. Retain More. Save time.

Built for those who aspire to lead the world through building information modeling, Global eTraining helps teams get up to speed quickly, adopt standard processes & workflows, and GeT more done both in the office and remotely. With the best course authors, a personalized course interface, the easiest course building platform in the AEC industry, this is the most effective training solution for the most effective BIM teams.

‘The Generator’ Course Builder

‘The Generator’ is a online course-building technology that allows organizations to create courses from scratch, modify existing Global eTraining content, and to completely customize their employee’s training programs. With ‘The Generator’ you can create a company and project-specific workflows, processes, and onboarding so that you’re in control, every step of the way.

Track, manage, and report on program effectiveness, learner success, and ROI with extensive management tools.

Leverage ‘GeT Insights’ skills gap assessments and custom learning

Leverage screen share video options and  automatic closed captioning abilities

    Tracking & Reporting

    Track, manage, and report on program effectiveness, learner success, and ROI with extensive management tools.

    Onboarding & Implementation

    We know your team’s needs are unique – that’s why we set you up with a customized onboarding, implementation, and success program, so you can GeT your team started quickly and easily, with a plan just as unique as your team is.

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