Smarter Training.
Smarter Teams.

Cadgroup is excited to announce a new partnership with BIM training leaders – Global eTraining (GeT).

With the introduction of this partnership, Cadgroup will now be able to offer online learning solutions to individuals and teams operating within the architecture,
engineering, construction, and manufacturing spaces.

This is accomplished through a series of powerful training tools, including the AEC industry’s largest BIM-relevant course library. This expert-crafted library covers an extensive, diverse set of topics including:

Cadgroup is also excited to introduce Global eTraining’s ‘The Generator’ as a way for their clients to create company and project-specific training. These custom workflows and processes can then be hosted on any LMS, translated into any language, and used to enforce company-wide onboarding and standards.

As an addition, users are able to purchase premium training content libraries to further diversify their personal or team training. Parts of this content can also be accessed through Global eTraining’s intuitive, on-demand Autodesk plugin, ‘GeT Know-How’. ‘GeT Know-How’ is an on-the-go reference and productivity tool that allows users to recoup billable project time rather than an expense line item.