Home Usage licenses (network and multi-user) – everything you need to know!

Home Usage licenses allow your users access software on a home-based computer in addition to the ones installed on your office-based machines. This is a subscription benefit and it excludes work computers, such as laptops, that are being used out of the office. It is available for a wide range of Autodesk software.

If you have a single-user subscription license or single-user maintenance license then there is no need to apply for a home-usage license – you simply login at home to the software using the credentials that you use at work and it takes care of activating itself which makes things simpler.

So  if you have a multi-user Subscription or multi-user (“network”) maintenance license then you’ll need to generate new home usage licenses to allow you to get the software working off-site for your software users.

If you fit into the above category and you are an Autodesk Contract Manager or Software Coordinator then you simply need to go to and follow the prompts. https://knowledge.autodesk.com/customer-service/account-management/users-software/home-use/request-home-use-license

You’ll need to login using your credentials.

Now click on “Get started”

Make sure the details shown are correct and press the “Next button”

You then enter the serial number of the product that you want to get the home usage serial generated for. If you have a “Collection’ then you’ll need to generate a serial for each piece of software in the Collection that you need the serial for. Also note that you’ll need to generate a serial for each version of that software if you need 2019, 2018 and so forth.

Once you’ve followed the steps, you’ll get a confirmation and you’ll also get an auto-generated email as confirmation as well. These serials should now appear in the Account Center if you log in using the Account Manager or Software Coordinator login.

Very importantly, please note that these serials only last 13 months. This means that they’ll need to be regenerated at least that often and you’ll need to inform any user of the home-usage licenses that they’ll need to update the serial number in their software. You will of course repeat the process above at that time.

Our advice is to make a reminder to yourself in your calendar to renew the licenses at the 12 month mark to allow yourself some time to get your users to update their licenses.


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