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Welcome to IndustyConnex, a podcast for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations (AECO) industry that brings the industry professionals together to discuss their experiences.

Hear them talk about the challenges they face in their world and what they do to overcome those challenges. This podcast series also gets you a glimpse of what these AECO professionals like to do outside their fulltime jobs.

You will love the “Two jokes and a Tip” segment where our guests tell us a couple of jokes, followed by a Tip related to the podcast topic.

Our Most Recent Podcast:

In this episode of IndustryConnex, we talk to Peter Thompson, Building and Infrastructure Design Products Group at Autodesk about his role at Autodesk, his history with Navisworks, and his taste in music.

Episode 1

You have submitted your proposals for AU 2021. Now listen to Janice Miller-Kellerman on what the next steps are, the help and resources available for AU speakers, and a lot more.

Episode 3

In this episode of IndustryConnex, we discuss Philippe and Gernot’s journey with Autodesk and Structural Steel. We talk about their passion for Structural Steel and where they see the industry in the next 5 years. We also discuss soccer with Philippe as he is a big sporting fan.

Episode 5

In this episode of IndustryConnex, we are joined by Richard Parker, the Director of Product Management at Autodesk Construction Solutions. He talks to us about various construction technologies, including the ways to automate several tasks using the technology we have available.

Episode 2

In this episode, we talk to Dominic Martens and hear his story of how he helps design hospitals. We also talk to him about his passion for driving racing cars and technology in general.

Episode 4

In this episode, we talk to Shaun Miller from Parametric about his history with the AEC Industry, his passion for bike rides, and the future of the AEC industry.

Episode 6

In this episode, we have a chat with Bryan Ross, National Drafting Manager, ADG. He talks to us about his family and his camping trips, and also about ADG’s planned transition from Revit Server to Cloud-based platforms.

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