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The Instructables website is an amazing, fascinating and inspiring place.

For those not yet familiar with the website, Instructables was acquired by Autodesk several years ago as a platform to spread DIY ideas that might otherwise remain unknown in someones shed.

The topics covered can range from hack-able technology to games to food to craftwork – you might find a topic on anything. The common theme is that an Instructable morphs everyday objects into something that makes your life more interesting, looks cool or performs a useful function.

Each Instructable features a list of steps in written and picture form and in some cases a video to guide the reader through a series of actions to the end result.

If you have some spare time, go to Instructables Official Website

You can also download the Android or Apple app’ for your mobile device so that you can read Instructables on the go.

We would recommend parental guidance for kids as some content might not be suitable.


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