A little taste of Enscape

Enscape is an easy product to get excited about. And we constantly get great feedback from anyone who uses it.

If you use Revit or other software that supports it, it provides a multi-faceted tool that allows you to do real-time demonstrations of your design using a highly optimised rendering engine that can make your design look great. It also supports VR which allows you to immerse yourself fully in the design.

On top of that you get the ability to bundle up your design and send it to a client or another stakeholder and they can explore it at their own leisure. One of our techies has been doing a refurbishment on their house, in Revit and they put together a “package” showing the results that you can get in Enscape without too much effort inside the Revit Project (see link below).

He captured some views of the model as Panoramas (bottom link) but personally, I think the bundled project is the most impressive output so we’ve created a link to that below. Have a look at it on your PC and note the controls to navigate the model and change the render settings.

We uploaded the exceutable file as a zip file, its about 52mb –Enscape project link Note that you can’t engage VR mode when you are using the executable. Download it and check it out!

And whilst we have your attention, here is a link to a panorama that we made as well.     – Just add hold down and move the mouse to change the view in the panorama file.

And most importantly, have fun!!