Autodesk Network / multi-user licenses on subscriptions – set a reminder so you don’t have to remember.

We all have what feels like a million things to remember in our day to day lives. When we renew our subscriptions for our multi-user Autodesk software, or when the new version of multi-user software is released (i.e. a new version comes out mid-term in your subscription), one thing that can get overlooked is that flexlm license file will need to be updated to allow us to run the new software. Another thing is that Autodesk are now releasing a new version of Flexlm every year or so and if we want to run our new shiny version of the Autodesk software, it would be a good idea to update that at the same time to ensure compatibility.

So our advice is, set yourself a reminder, on the day the contract is renewed. Then you can get the license file updated and download the newest release of the lmtools installer. If you want to always be up to date with the latest version of the software then perhaps set yourself an additional reminder at the end of April (that’s usually the time when the new release cycle is complete). And that will be one (or maybe two) less things to remember!

You can use “self service” now to get your license file made up from within the Autodesk Account Center. The full explanation of the process is here: Self Service – Generate License file 

As a valued customer of Cadgroup you can ask us to generate the license file on your behalf. If you already have a license file then just send us that to save some time and we can make up a new one using the server information in there.