Cadgroup releases 2021 Civil.3D.XT.

Cadgroup is proud to announce the release of 2021 Civil3D.XT which includes support for Civil3D 2021. In addition, Civil3D.XT will install itself in any installed version back to the 2012 version so you enjoy the benefits of using it on all your projects.

Civil3D.XT is offered as a free subscription benefit to all Cadgroup customers that own  a copy of AutoCAD Civil3D as a stand alone product.  It offers a  range of tools to increase productivity and to allow you to manipulate and extract information in your CAD file.

New Features:

Multiple Profiles:

The create Multiple Profiles is a further enhancement for an existing tool. Settings in the tool dialogue include, the ability to pick multiple alignments in the project and then specify the Surface names,the Layer you want to place the objects on, the Profile Name, a label style set (if required). The video goes in a much more depth about the settings and gives an example of the result.

Once you’ve got the settings right, insert the Profiles into your Viewport.

Pipe Elevation:

This tool allows you to hover over a Pipe and report its elevation. You can also use the insert a “Cogo Point” tool to add a Cogo at a selected point and you can also add Structure to a selected point whilst in an Elevation:

Assembly Report:

In this tool, you pick one or more Corridors and then create a report. You can create Vertical or Horizontal Tables. and then place the report into a Viewport.

Sum up:

If you’re a Cadgroup subscription and you are using Civil3D.XT then I’d thoroughly recommend updating to this new version. If you’re one of our customers and you own copies of applicable software then please contact your Cadgroup Business Development Manager to discuss the process of getting hold of the addin.

Existing customers can always download the latest version of Civil3D.Xt from this link –