Cadgroup releases 2021 Revit.XT.

Cadgroup releases 2021 Revit.XT.

Cadgroup is proud to announce the release of 2021 Revit.XT which includes support for Revit 2021. In addition, Revit.XT will install itself in any version of full Revit back to the 2012 version so you enjoy the benefits of using it on all your projects.

Revit.XT is offered as a free subscription benefit to all Cadgroup customers that have a copy of “full” Revit or the AEC Collection.  It offers a massive range of tools to increase productivity and to allow you to manipulate and extract information about the Project Database.

The new version is compatible with Revit 2021 and will install itself in any version of Revit right back to 2012.

New Features:

Copy Standards Tool:

A new tool has been added to the BIM section of Revit.XT called Copy Standards.

The tool allows you to copy View Templates, Schedules, Details and Materials from one Project to another.

Whilst the standard Revit Transfer Project Standards allows you to grab Materials and View Templates from a donor Project, it only allows you to transfer the whole lot whereas the Revit.XT tool allows you to pick specific items which is much neater and means you don’t have to go back and remove extra items you didn’t want.

To activate the too, go to Revit.XT > BIM > Copy Standards.

Then pick the items you want. Materials that exist in the Project that you are copying to will not be over-written by the tool.

Copy Legend:

Copy Legend allows you to select a Legend on a sheet and then copy it on to a new one. A great time saving feature for sure.

Once you’ve selected the Legend, activate the tool and then pick the Sheet or Sheets you want to copy it to. The Legend ends up in the same location on that new Sheet so you might need to go to the Sheets and move the Legend to the desired location.

BIM Query – Color Code:

The BIM Query tool is a powerful feature in Revit.XT that allows you to extract information about whole categories and then export that to an Excel Spreadsheet. You can use the data as-is for documentation and so forth. Another aspect to this tool is that you can make changes to certain fields in the Spreadsheet and then import the changes back into Revit to make changes to the Project. There are some limitations to what parameters can be edited and those that are read-only are shown in grey.

You can also use the tool to grab an existing compliant Schedule in your Project, export, make changes and then bring it back into the Project.

In Revi.tXT 2021, there is a minor improvement to improve the legibility of the result of the BIM Query results where each Family Type is assigned a color. Interestingly, when there are multiple entries of the same Family in the BIMQuery window, the addin will add a  gradient the color so that it is not a solid block of on colour. The colours are exported if you choose to export the results to a Spreadsheet.

Path Manager:

Revit 2020 introduced the Path of Travel tool and now Revit.XT 2021 has a tweaked out version that you can use as an alternative in your Projects.

The tool is found under the Analyze > Path Manager command.

After activating the tool you will be presented with a list of Rooms that correspond to the Level that the active Plan View is based on.

You now pick any rooms that you want Revit to consider when creating the Path of Travel. Also you can choose the linestyle to use and you can capture the settings as a template so that if you need to reevaluate the path due to design changes, you can quickly generate the path again.

A suggested Path of Travel is created based on your settings. As per the inbuilt Path of travel, you can adjust the Path if required and you can add points to customise it further.

Room Report:

Another tool that’s been added to the Analyze toolset is called Room Report.

This is a handy tool that allows you to interrogate the objects inside or adjacent to the Rooms in your Project.

View Lookup:

Revit.XT 2021 has a really nice tool that allows you quickly browse all the view in your Project using a Browser. So rather than working your way through the Project Browser on a large project, you can navigate visually. You can also use this tool to quickly look through you sheets.

Once you’ve located a View or Sheet then you have the option of clicking on the Open View button to open it. Simple and quick. Nice 😉

Licensing Enhancements:

Revit.XT 2021 has a had tweak of the registration process that now allows for offline activation where no internet connection is initially available and then allows the software to wait until a connection can be made to the developer’s website. This gives more flexibility in getting the software up and running.

Sum up:

If you’re a Cadgroup subscription and you are using Revit.XT then I’d thoroughly recommend updating to this new version. If you’re one of our customers and you own copies of applicable software then please contact your Cadgroup Business Development Manager to discuss the process of getting hold of the addin.

Existing customers can always download the latest version of Revit.Xt from this link – Revit.XT link