Cadgroup releases 2023 versions of Cadgroup.XT.

Cadgroup is proud to announce the updated 2023 versions of Revit.XT, AutoCAD.XT and Civil3D.XT

The new versions are of course compatible with the latest release of their respective software and will install themselves in any version of full Revit, AutoCAD and Civil3D back to the 2018 version so you enjoy the benefits of using it on all your projects.

The Cadgroup.XT products (which include Kobi Toolkit) are offered as a free subscription benefit to all Cadgroup customers that take out a subscription of eligible software with us.

The addins offer a powerful range of tools to increase productivity in their respective software.

New for AutoCAD.XT 2023

Extended Polyline –

One of the limitations with 3D polyline is that it doesn’t prompt you for elevations or curves. With the Extended Polyline command, you can now create a 3D polyline by continuously defining its elevation, grade, or arc.

Elevation Editor 

This command allows you to review and edit the elevations or grades of different vertices of your 3D polyline.

Cadgroup.XT software is available from the permalinks that you would have on record from us.

If you are an existing customer an need to find out about how to get hold of the Cadgroup.XT software, please contact your Cadgroup Account Manager.

If you want to find out more about Cadgroup please contact us on 1300 765 654 or please use the contact page to send us a message –

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