Enscape + V-Ray: The most powerful duo for architectural visualization

Connect designers and artists – save time and preserve design decisions. What begins in CAD can now be fine-tuned with DCC tools and rendered in V-Ray.

What is the Chaos Bridge?

The Chaos Bridge enables designers and archviz artists to connect their Enscape and V-Ray workflows and
easily transition from real-time to photorealism.

Why the Chaos Bridge?

  • The speed of real-time. The accuracy of photorealism. Make real-time design decisions with Enscape, switch to V-Ray for photorealistic images — and break down boundaries between CAD and DCC.

  • Work seamlessly, with zero scene translation. Export the work you’ve done in Enscape and open it in the V-Ray of your host application. Keep the same context and settings – geometry, textures, light, and materials – without losing any data.

    Save time, and preserve design intent. Save time from recreating designs from scratch; keep design decisions made in Enscape and seamlessly transfer them to artists working with V-Ray.

  • Access to a world of assets. The Bridge provides access to an additional 5000+ assets specifically crafted to maximize realism and detail in production renders

How it works?

See how you can effortlessly transfer your scenes from Enscape to V-Ray.

Do more with less and set new standards in architectural visualization by leveraging the dynamics of Enscape and V-Ray, the most powerful duo for architectural visualization

Connect your Enscape and V-Ray workflow

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