Moving to the Autodesk Single User Sign-in

As you will be aware, Autodesk is transitioning customers from maintenance to Subscription licensing. The Subscription licensing system offers some real benefits to users in terms of managing licenses inside their company.

Users now sign in to their software to access it which brings more flexibility than the previous system that required the software to be locked to a PC on which is was activated (Single User Maintenance) or the requirement to have the user be able to access a server that hosted a Network Licensing Service (Network Maintenance Licenses).  The move away from managing  serial numbers also has a number of benefits for those involved in managing their company’s Autodesk software.

You may be moving from a stand-alone maintenance plan or a network maintenance plan both of which require different steps  to get things running smoothly.

Cadgroup has prepared a detailed Cadgroup Tech-tip article that we are making available to our customers to assist them through this process. In addition to this, we offer support to our subscription customers to get assist in transitioning to the new system.

For more information, please contact your Cadgroup Accounts Manager directly or phone us on 1300 765 654.

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