20 October, 2019
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Revu 2019 is here.

20 October, 2019

Bluebeam 2019 has just been released.

Revu 2019 is being touted  as the fastest and most efficient version yet. It has improved speed and enhanced takeoff functionalities as well a new tool to help you quickly roll out Revu across teams.  – this makes is easier to roll out Revu across an office and also facilitates cross-office consistency.

That’s about all the detail we’ll into into for now. We have a Webinar coming soon!

If you are on active maintenance then you are eligible for the upgrade at any time you want. If you aren’t on maintenance but you purchased a copy of Revu in the last 30 days then you can also upgrade to 2019.

The upgrade process is not automatic so  to go here and enter your current Revu details – Upgrade to 2019   The Primary Bluebeam contact is the person who receives emails from Revu regarding your software and registration.

Once you’ve done that you can download the 2019 installer from here – Download Revu 2019

If you’re running a standard installation, double click on the installer package and then pick either “standalone” or “side by side”. I’d advise “side by side”. Side by Side keeps your current installation of Revu (2018 or older) and “standalone” uninstalls all previous versions. If you have any customisation and so forth in Revu then you should pick “side by side” so that you can export the resources in your earlier version of Revu for re-use in the 2019 software.

And once you’ve installed it (give it a while, it can take some time to finish), enter the Serial and the new Product Key by going to the Revu Menu (top left hand side) and then picking Register in the drop-down menu.

Now enter the new product key and Serial number. HINT: You can tell if the program is registered by going to the Revu Menu and you’ll now see “Unregister”.

If you have to deploy Revu across a large office then please continue on, otherwise, enjoy the new version of Revu.


if have you have been tasked with installing and setting up customisations for Revu across a larger office then then please look here – Deployments

When you download the deployment MSI you will see a small application in there called “Bluebeam Revu Configuration Editor.exe”. This is a one stop shop for the creation and customisation of your Revu deployments.

The next screen allows you to add the serial number and product key, if you wish.

The screen after this relates to the customisation settings in Revu. If you are using customised assets (stamps, tools etc) and you want to use corporate profiles then this is the spot to define that in the deployment.

You now easily elect which editing features are available. For example you might want to switch off the Administrator application on the target machines.

You are able to what products will have the Bluebeam Addin installed during the installation process.

Lastly, you can choose in the installation is Silent and whether it will require a reboot at the end of the installation.

We would encourage you to look here for more information about customising Revu: Revu customisation Guide

And here for a more detailed discussion of setting up Deployments: Revu Deployment Guide