The Autodesk 360 Viewer – view over 50 files formats on-line fast & free.

Autodesk has released a new online portal called the Autodesk 360 Viewer which allows you upload and view a myriad of 2D and 3D files.

Simply go to the homepage and scroll down until you see this section;

Click on the “drag and drop a file” button and then the A360 viewer page opens;

The fastest way to get a file uploaded for viewing is to click on the “Drag & drop here” button or as the text suggest, drag and drop a file unto the button.

Files are uploaded quickly. In the case of Autocad and Revit files, the 3D views and sheet views appear (the interface is much like the Revit C4R model viewer in fact).

This is an interesting technology that allows you to quickly share files with clients, allows you to view files even on light-weight viewers (mobile devices, tablets) and allows to see inside a wide range of files that you might not have been able to open previously. Cool stuff.