• QARC4Revit Free

    A free basic template to get you started in Revit. Comes with free BIM content such as appliances, commercial kitchen content, doors, windows, floors, furniture, rooves, vegetation, walls and many others.

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  • QARC4Revit Professional

    A professional template system which will set a high level of documentation across your practice. Comes with Premium content such as awnings, cabinetry, ceilings and soffits, columns, doors, furniture, floors, railings, rooves, screens, stairs, walls and windows.

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  • QARC4Revit Premium

    Is a high level Revit template system that will provide your office with the ultimate documentation standards, giving you full control over what Revit has to offer and streamlining your workflows to make you and your staff more productive, improving your ROI from your design software. Comes with premium content.

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What is QARC Systems?

QARC Systems is a software development company created by design professionals to enhance the useability of Revit. As Revit users they are very aware of the difficulties faced by Designers in properly applying Revit to its full potential. The template system was created to set up Revit so that it can be applied instantly for documentation purposes, create a high standard of documentation across the office, Quality Assure what you produce and train staff in not only how to apply Revit, but what information a set of documents is required to hold. To deliver the QARC System, a plug-in for Revit has been developed and uses cloud storage and delivery methods to give the user a seamless interaction between their template+ BIM content, and their projects.

The team at QARC Systems has created an Australian/NZ only system, providing technologies and BIM content suited to this market. In a world first, QARC Systems has provided a technology that allows the user to drag and drop System Families - no other content plug-in has this ability, making the QARC4Revit the most complete content delivery system available. And in another world first, QARC Systems content comes with render materials meaning everything that can be dragged into project, is instantly render able. The QARC4Revit plug-in is free to download and a basic template is available. However, to properly leverage the power of Revit, the professional or premium version is required.


As the provider for all your BIM solutions, CADGROUP can offer 29 years of expertise in the field and with QARC Systems, we have improved the user experience for the Autodesk software, Revit. The QARC Systems template will take your productivity to new levels and the instant BIM applications for your practice, brings you into line with industry movements.

CADGROUP customers have the added benefit of accessing this powerful system at RRP, less 10%. Use CADGR19 at the check out page to receive a 10% discount! Start enjoying a higher level of productivity, QA measures across your practice, training of staff and consistently professional documentation with QARC Systems templates.

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