Quantity takeoff from PDF files using Revu

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No matter how much we talk about BIM in construction, there would always be PDFs supplied to the contractors and subbies to bid on projects. Taking off quantities from PDF files has always been a challenge. But not anymore! With specialized tools inside Bluebeam® Revu, you can take off quantities accurately and with ease. You can even link the takeoff values with Excel® spreadsheets for dynamic updating of values as the takeoffs in the PDF files change.

This presentation will explain this process of quantity takeoff from PDF files using Revu.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Create custom tools to take off quantities from PDF files.
  2. Create custom Markups List columns to aid quantities taken off.
  3. Link Excel spreadsheets to quantities taken off from the PDF file.
  4. Automatically update Excel values with the change in PDF quantities.


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