Revit 2016 R2 released.

Autodesk has just started to roll out Release 2 for Revit 2016.

Release 2 is perhaps best thought of as an incremental upgrade that captures some of the features that will be released in next years software.

There are some very exciting features in here – well worth a look. Here is a selection:

  • View navigation has been enhanced with occlusion culling so that invisible elements are the only elements drawn in the viewport -this can have a massive affect (50% better) on navigation in complex projects.
  • Family editing has been enhanced with a preview feature that shows the final visibility of elements in the family under different conditions e.g. detail levels.
  • Global Parameters  allow calculated parameters to be set across the Family and Project Environment.
  • Placing a linked file has been enhanced with the “Auto – Project Base Point to Project Base Point” option.
  • Railing design has been enhanced with a 3D preview – handy to see the effects of changing the parameters of the Railing Family prior to applying changes.
  • You can now copy elements in Perspective Views.

As always, we recommend testing the software on a non-critical PC prior to rolling this release out across your office.



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