The Revit online trial – a glimpse of the future of Autodesk software?

For a little while now there has been a link on the Autodesk website page devoted to Revit. It’s somewhat hidden in plain site and it consists of a button marked “Try Online”

Firstly go to the International version of the Autodesk website and look for the Revit entry – here is a direct: link Revit page



Next you will be asked if you want to download and run a small executable.

Now, not surprisingly, you have to click on the “try online” button.

This is where the magic begins……..









Lastly, you need to login with your normal Autodesk login –

(you can create one here if you don’t have one – create Autodesk account )signin_to_trial

A few seconds later you have Revit running on your MAC or PC system.

The software behind all this is from Citrix. It is a “virtual machine” that can even run on even a low powered computer – though having a good internet connection will help the experience.

This trial is fully functional and will run on any platform that supports Citrix.







This type of technology is becoming more prevalent. It points to a new concept of running software – no installations, almost instant access (anywhere!)  and the elimination of problems with operating system compatibility. Certainly worth having a play with if you have 5 minutes spare!




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