Revit.XT – 2016 Update Official Release

Some selected RevitXT tools.
Some selected RevitXT tools.


Cadgroup Australia is pleased to announce the official roll-out of the latest build of the software that incorporates 2016 compatibility as well as a host of new and improved features.


RevitXT is a Autodesk Revit© add-on that offers a uniquely comprehensive set of tools for beginner and advanced Revit users alike.


The best news of all is that RevitXT is totally free to all Cadgroup Subscription customers. This is astounding value as the range of tools in RevitXT if purchased through other 3rd party add-on companies would be a costly exercise. With our RevitXT add-on you get the full range of tools at no cost. Here are some examples…….


RevitXT can import Excel spreadsheets to enhance your documentation.

RevitXT offers an Excel© import feature:

– Simply create a spreadsheet and import it into your Project.

– The imported view can be placed on your sheet-set allowing you to leverage the power and visual style of Excel inside the project.





revitxt bimquery

Even more exciting though is the BIM Query tool. This tool allows you to do some very powerful things:

– Interrogate model the elements in great detail.

– Manipulate parameters of the objects shown in BIM Query (e.g. location line of a wall).

– Export the data to an excel spreadsheet, manipulate the data in Excel and then import it back into

BIM Query with the purpose of pushing changes to objects in the Revit database.


Another headline tool in RevitXT is Calculated Parameters:

This tool allows you to add new parameters and calculated parameters to elements in the database that would be simply impossible without the tool-set. As an example, we recently worked with a recognised mechanical engineering company to extend the BIM Query tool to obtain data about Autodesk Fabrication elements – elements that simply cannot be derived using standard tags and schedules in Revit. Through the tool we were able to, at the clients request, to create customised Tags that reported parameters in the Fabrication Parts – information that cannot be found or reported using Revit alone.

RevitXT - calculated parameter tool - reporting reference level of an element
RevitXT – calculated parameter tool – reporting reference level of an element

For existing customers, more information is available from your account manager.

Whilst the tool is available for purchase to those not current on subscriptions with Cadgroup, we would invite you to contact us to discuss this and other benefits that Cadgroup offers to our valued subscription customers.


Contact: 1300 765 654 to speak to your Account Manager about Revit.XT today



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