RevitXT – Sneak peek – new features in imminent release.

We are pleased to announced that a new build of RevitXT is just around the corner and there will be 2 major new features that will be incorporated into the new version that we think will be very useful to a wide range of users. I was able to get a sneak peek today at some of the soon to be released features as well as some very exciting things which will be rolled out later in the new year.


Some selected RevitXT tools.


One big addition will be the “Reload Families”tool that will allow you to reload (over-ride) Families in the project or family editor environment. The ability to reload Families already exists of course but this tool will allow multiple Families to be reloaded in one hit. You will also be able to select a folder and get the tool to search any sub-folders for Families of the correct name – this is useful where you have lots of sub-folders for your library of custom Families. More details to follow!

revitxt filter select

The Filter Tool is now “mode-less”. This means that you can adjust your selection using the filter tool and apply the changes dynamically in the view-port to see the effects of the selection filter in real time.

On a related note the Filter tool in its new modeless form will actually operate as a “search & select tool” too. You can search for elements using a number of criteria until you have honed in on the object or objects that you need – this selection will update in real time and will be retained when you exit the tool.

On top of all this some already powerful tools such as the legends by category, material legends and BIMQuery are getting extra functionality as well.

We are looking for a  release date of early December and we’ll go into more depth about all of these new features then.




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