StrucSoft Webinar: BIM and the drywall “cover-up”


A case for division 9

Join Marek Brothers & StrucSoft June 16th at 2pm EST to learn what happens when drywall is included in the BIM execution plan and when it isn’t.

This presentation provides an overview of Marek Brothers’ process to create a more accurate architectural model by providing an exact representation of the physical and functional properties of both walls & ceilings. Paul Godwin, BIM Manager at Marek Brothers, will provide a summary on how they utilize this process to create virtual mock-ups, manage geospatial coordination and maximize prefabrication construction practices. It will give case studies showing the effectiveness of being involved in the coordination process, as well as projects that declined BIM services and the consequences.

Click to register for the webinar June 16th at 2pm EST. Recordings will also be sent to those who register if you are not able to attend.

*Please note the webinar is scheduled for early morning hours in ANZ, however if you register a recording will be sent to you. For more questions in regards to StrucSoft please contact our Product Manager – StrucSoft, Kurt Jones or your Account Manager on 1300 765 654.

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