Using Revit as an efficient and accurate cost estimating tool.

Using Revit as an efficient and accurate cost estimating tool.


Revit is a database driven 3D modeling software that encompasses information in every element. Using this information rich model (BIM) we can leverage the data in these elements for a great number of goals. We will be looking at how you can use schedules to create cost estimates of elements in a building.

Revit Schedules:

One of things that I always mention during Revit fundamentals training is that all (with a few exceptions) Views in Revit are live views of the model. This equally applies to Plan views as much as it does Schedules. In the case of Schedules, the model data is displayed in tabular form but it none the less provides a live view of the model. This means that there is no disconnect between the values shown in the schedule and the model and it also means that we can (within logical limits) manipulate and/or add data to the model through the schedule itself.


To demonstrate how you can use your existing Revit project to derive costings, I have created a detailed  2 part knowledgebase article on the Autodesk website which shows one example:  Knowledgebase Article

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