WFH for Bluebeam Revu users

Extended Trails:

You can now extend your initial 30-day trial by another 60 days, by going to https://www.bluebeam.com/au/covid-19 and click on Get Code in the page once the initial 30 day trial is over.

If you are bringing your work laptop home to carry on your office tasks, no change needs to be made. This blog post is for Bluebeam Revu users who are trying to install Bluebeam on their home PC and use the office license. To move your office Bluebeam license to your home PC:

  1. Unregister the Office PC by launching Bluebeam -> Revu -> Unregister

2. Download and install the same version (2018/2019) and same product (Standard/CAD/eXtreme) from this link https://support.bluebeam.com/updates/

3. Use the same serial number and product key to activate the copy of Bluebeam


We also can use Bluebeam Studio to store files (such as PDF, Microsoft office documents) in the cloud so it can be accessible to all project team. Bluebeam studio comes free with every Bluebeam Revu license (Standard/CAD/eXtreme), to utilise this cloud service, the user needs to first create a Bluebeam ID by clicking Sign-in in the Studio Panel, then Create Account:

Once the account is created, log in and you can create Studio Projects and upload all project files to the cloud. Access control is simply by clicking the project settings and add or remove users by their Bluebeam ID emails:


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